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Stacked books, blooms, candles, artwork and lamps create colour, interest and ambience to your bedside table. Photo by The Property Colour Stylist.

The second most popular question I am asked behind how to style a bed, is how to style a bedside table? A beautifully styled bedside table can look simple, yet can be a little tricky to achieve if  you aren’t sure where to start or what decor items to choose.    

I have put together my top seven bedside table styling tips that I use to achieve a beautiful and functional bedside. Not all items have to be placed all at once, it comes down to personal style, taste and the size of the bedside.  This isn’t an exhaustive list either. You will no doubt find more ideas, I just find these are great because they are easily accessible and won’t break the budget.  Also try magazines, Pinterest, Houzz,  Instagram or the internet for more ideas as there is so many  inspirational resources out there. When it doubt, the rule of thumb is style in groups of three OR odd numbers. If styling with a group of three objects vary the height and/or sizes tall, medium, small with the tallest item behind the smaller items.

A good way to see if you are happy with the look is to stand back and let your eyes be the judge.  You will be able to ‘sense’ if something doesn’t look quite right. The tip here is to play around with some different arrangements until you find a look that suits your design style and personality.  Also don’t be afraid to place some items slightly in front of the other to create some depth and layers.  Why not have a try at incorporating some of my styling tips below with your bedsides and let your creative flair unfold.


Unless you have pendant lights in your room, a good way to start is to have a bedside  lamp that corresponds to your style. In general, contemporary and modern style think glass, chrome or metal. Ginger jars look great for Classic or Modern Coastal,  Hampton’s or Asian Inspired design styles. 

Timber, glass with shells, rope designs also look great in Coastal style or mix it up for Eclectic look.  Your lamp will generally be the largest item on your stand, so it is good to place your lamp first then work around it.


You might be saying, that sounds great but how do I know what size lamp should I choose to start with? As a general rule of thumb, it is noted that your lamp should be the same height as your bedside then add 2-3 inches or 5cm – 7.5cm. So for example, if your bedside table is 50cm high, you’d be looking at a lamp that is a total of 55-57 cm.

If it has a shade, a good size shade is usually one that is two-thirds the height of the lamp base. Your chosen bedside should be approximately the same height or inline with the top of the mattress.


There’s nothing more beautiful than having a vase of beautiful unstructured or bouquet of blooms or foliage on your bedside to add colour, interest and natural texture to your display.  It doesn’t have to be fresh flowers either, faux flowers and greenery look amazing these days.

Depending on your style, something as simple as a single stem flower or foliage leaves in a larger vessel will look great on a bedside. It helps to create height, shape and balance when mixed with other items on your table.

If you are thinking of faux blooms and leaves, have a look at Faking Beautiful @fakingbeautiful. Their online store has luxe faux blooms at great prices.



There is something so enticing about seeing one or a small stack of books on a styled bedside table. Not only does it serve a purpose to have some of your favourite reads handy, but they help to create height, shape and interest. I often like to place some blooms on top of  a stack of books and it looks great.  It’s really up to you.

Here’s a handy tip for styling with books. Try to incorporate books with the same colours/shades/tones that is in your rooms colour palette. This will help to create a sense of balance and cohesiveness in the space. If you don’t wish to pay out a fortune for coffee table books, a great tip I learned was to head on to your local second hand bookstore for hardcover books. It’s amazing the great array of plain hardback covers that exist under their paper covers. Give it a try!



Trinket trays, boxes, a quirky pieces or even a small vase are a great way to add a personal touch to your bedside. They can be pieces you have bought just because you love it so much or a trinket you got on your travels. They look great off to the side of a bedside, placed on top of a small stack of books or part of a grouped collection on your bedside.

Trinket trays and boxes are great for your jewellery, a watch or phone (oops did I say that?). Either way they look fab and also help to keep your bedside looking uncluttered.

P1030860 (2)
Faux greenery, small knick knacks and quirky trinkets add height, layers and texture to your bedside. 


There is something about seeing a beautiful scented candle on a bedside table. It adds ambience, smells great and looks divine to bring a cosy, intimate and beautiful look to your space.


Framed photos or artwork placed on a bedside is visually interesting and another personal touch to your room. They look great placed at the front or back of the bedside and create a wonderful backdrop if placed at the back on the table or above it to the left or right of the bedside lamp.

If you don’t have or even want a bedside table, try placing a large framed art print or art piece next to the bed with a stack of book or magazines just in front or slightly left or right of the artwork on the floor. Place some greenery or a modern lamp on top of the stack of books and it can look great in contemporary, modern and minimalist design styles.

Have fun accessorising your bedside with art prints or personal photos @serenitylane.styling


My tip for a beautiful looking bedside is to try to choose items that coincide with your bedding or room scheme. Doing so with help to create a more cohesive look in your room. Adding a small piece that has a pop of colour can also look great.

As a final note, styling your bedside is all about personal taste and style.  It’s about creating a balance of height, colour, texture and scale. With some practice and handy styling tips you’ll be styling your bedside like a pro in no time at all!

Were these tips useful? Please feel free to ask me any further questions relating to this article or other bedside styling queries in the comments section at the end of this article.  

P1030484 (2)
Choose items for your bedside that are consistent with your overall scheme for a cohesive look @serenitylane.styling

SHARE YOUR STYLED BEDSIDE WITH US CHALLENGE!   Have fun creating your own bedside table. Take a photo of your styled bedside table and tag me at #wherehyggemeetshome for your chance to have your photo featured next month.  

Bedside Table Styling Ideas. Photo credit @serenitylane.styling



Inside Out Magazine with Lisa Koehler

     Video Credit: Courtesy of Inside Out Magazine


Interior stylist and colour consultant Kim Passmore at The Property Colour Stylist is passionate about creating beautifully cohesive spaces that reflect your individual lifestyle and personality.

We sat down with Kim to find out more about her new business and how to make your space look straight out of a magazine without all the stress.

What has been one of the biggest learnings for you in setting up The Property Colour Stylist?

I’d definitely have to say understanding the importance of nailing your business plan right from the word go! I’d never given it a second thought until starting my own business. It has been invaluable in establishing my goals in terms of the what, why and how for The Property Colour Stylist. I feel more confident with where I am headed and how I will be able to help my target audience make their colour and styling selections for their homes, inside and out. 

Majority of people are not confident with interior styling, can you share with us your top 3 tips for interior styling?

I find that most people have an idea about the look and feel they want to achieve for their home, but aren’t quite sure where to start or how to achieve it. Below is my top three tips for someone not confident with interior styling.

(1) Get to Know Your Design Style; (2) Stick to a Colour Scheme, and (3) Start Small.

Get to know your design style – If you already know your design style that’s great, but for those that don’t, a good way to start is to collect images of interior styled spaces that resonate with you. It can be as small as five images or so and you will usually start to see a theme emerging of the kinds of colours, textures, furniture and décor being used to create the look. This process will help to give you some direction on the colours and décor required to style your space. 

For example, you might like the Scandinavian design style that is simplistic, uncluttered and cosy, with white being the dominant background. Scandi style features light muted and timber tones, with accents of black, tan or blush. Cosy textures like faux fur, chunky knitted throws feature here along with the natural look of linen and cotton. The key here is, whatever your design style, note down the main colours, textures and accessories that you see across the images.  


Stick to a colour scheme 3-4 colours maximum – Once you have noted the colours you see emerging from your style, stick to those colours. When creating a styled space there generally shouldn’t be any more than 3-4 colours making up the room’s colour palette. Rule of thumb is that three colours, four maximum is enough to create visual interest and variation. If you choose a fourth, try to use a lighter or darker tint or shade of one of the other three colours. Then repeat those colours across the room.

If you have a grey chaise lounge, for example, you could repeat this colour in a vase on a console table and an art print that has some grey in it. Repeat this concept with the remaining colours in your colour scheme and remember the colour can be incorporated into your floor coverings as well.  

Start small – A spruce up or change doesn’t have to mean a renovation overhaul. Start small to gain confidence. It’s amazing how just by changing items like bed linen, cushions, throws, artwork and accessories can make such a difference to the look of your space. Remember to use repetition of colour, texture or pattern around the room to create a balanced cohesive design. Have fun and remember to inject your own personality to make it yours!



What is your favourite trend at the moment and why?

I’d have to say the Colour trend featuring warm earthy hues of Terracotta, Clay, Rust and Coral. We are seeing a lot of these colours incorporated across furniture, soft furnishings, accessories and artwork, which is stunning. What I love is how soft and warm this colour palette looks when they are used together. These hues are being paired with soft pinks, whites, grey greens, mustard and navy. Accents of black and brass also compliment these colours beautifully.


I know a few people, my mum in particular, who want to change up their style, but get a little nervous picking items and she cannot picture the end vision, how can the Property Colourist approach help people like my Mum?

My mum is the same! And they are not alone. I understand how overwhelming it can be trying to work out what pieces to choose and if they will coordinate to create a cohesive styled space. This is one of the main reasons why I’ve included E-Design Styling as part of my service offerings. Let’s face it we all lead busy lives today. E-Design allows me to create a styled interior completely online for anyone in any location living in Australia who can receive goods from selected stores. It saves my clients time and money compared to the more traditional approach of paying a designer to physically source selected items from stores and suppliers for their consideration.

 As you so nicely put it, “The Property Colourist approach” is designed to take the stress out of the planning and selection process for clients. It starts with a design brief consultation by phone, video chat or online questionnaire. This helps me understand the overall look they are trying to achieve as well as their likes and dislikes. Then the rest is up to me.

I create an electronic moodboard design that gives the client a visual concept of what the ‘end vision’ will look like. It includes carefully furniture and décor items that will bring their vision to life. The client can make changes to the design and when it’s approved will be sent straight to their inbox. It includes the product descriptions, pricing and where to purchase along with stylist notes. 

As an optional extra, I can arrange the ordering and delivery of the items with the added bonus of passing on trade discounts which are a great saving for my clients. If they live on the Central Coast of New South Wales, they have the option of having me go to their home and style their space. 


My Interview with Splosh – Integrating the Botanical Trend

It’s not everyday that one is asked by the infamous Gifts and Homewares brand Splosh for an interview.  I got to share some of my styling tips for Integrating the Botanical Trend across home interiors.

Today, I am happy to say I have the pleasure of being able to share that article with you below.  Titled ‘Five Minutes with Product Stylist Kim Passmore’, I had a great time chatting with Splosh Australia about the Botanical Trend and how it can be incorporated in to anyone’s home with just a few styling tips. 

I hope you enjoy the article. Feel free to comment and ask questions in the comment section below.  To check out more of Splosh’s complete Homewares and Gift range, check out their website here.




Didn’t get the reno memo?

When did everyone go on a trip to South America and come back with a completely new home interior style?

The Answer: Botanical.
It is everywhere at the moment and we’re loving it. This bold, lush and leafy trend brings life and cooling tones into any space and is a delightful pop of colour.

We sat down with incredible Interior Stylist Kim Passmore from @serenitylane.styling, who specialises in styling beds and side tables. Kim gave us her tips and tricks for integrating the Botanical trend into your home without booking a trip to South America (although we fully encourage that research).

Featured Left:  Splosh Bottle Green Glass Vase. Styled by @serenitylane.styling

1. How do you balance ever changing trends with everlasting style?

Trends come and go, so my advice would be to think about the kind of design style and colour palette you love most and can see yourself living with most of the time. I believe it helps if your furniture, paintwork and floorcoverings are predominantly neutral. That way, when trends change you can easily refresh your décor through soft furnishings, rugs and other décor accessories.

Source: Splosh – Botanical Ceramic Coasters

2. How can you easily bring the Botanical trend into your home?

Bring in the Greenery

The first way that comes to mind is greenery. Greenery brings a sense of nature, life and vitality and it doesn’t have to be the living variety either. There is some amazing artificial plants out there today that won’t break the budget. Potted or hanging greenery looks stunning around the home. The most popular greenery at the moment is the Fiddle Leaf Fig, Mother In Laws Tongue, Monstera Leaf and many more.

Work That Artwork

My second suggestion would be to incorporate the Botanical trend through nature inspired artwork. Palm and Leafy art prints can make a visual impact in many areas of your home. It creates a fresh, tranquil feel as well as bringing the outside in.


Featured: Splosh Botanical ‘Home’ and ‘Monstera’ Cushions. Styled by @serenitylane.styling

Source: Splosh – Botanical ‘Palm Leaf’ & ‘Monstera’ Framed Wall Art

Accessories to the front

Thirdly, accessorise your home with Botanical themed soft furnishings. Botanical themed bedlinen coordinated with neutral tones can look so light and airy as well as creating a tropical vibe to your home. For those that love a pop of colour the tonal greens and pink/blush are still on trend and can look stunning together with gold accents.

The thing to remember is that interior styling is about personal taste and should reflect what resonates with you. It is achievable to maintain your core style with ever changing trends without the costly outlay.


Source: Splosh

Inspire Corner

Who is your style icon. How do they inspire you creatively?

I am inspired by Scandinavian Design which is based on the philosophy of simplicity, functionality and light and airy spaces. It is achieved by incorporating muted colours, clean lines, natural elements, cosy textiles and de-cluttered spaces. My design aesthetic incorporates a lot of these elements.

What Is Your Interior Design Style?

When I am employed to help put together a cohesive interior scheme for a client, my first point for discussion is to find out the intended purpose for the space and design style. Whether it be a Coastal design style, Scandinavian, Luxe,  Industrial, Modern or an eclectic mix, a competent consultant knows that the process doesn’t start by pulling instantly pulling out the fandeck.  

I am looking to understand the look and feel or mood they are hoping to achieve for the space.  Will it be light, bright and airy, dark and moody, romantic and intimate, luxurious and glamorous, casual and relaxing or classic and formal?   You get the idea. Opting for a luxurious space when it is going to be utilised as a family tv room wouldn’t produce the best outcome for example. 

Another checkpoint is to confirm the orientation of the room.  Does the room face North, South East or West? A room’s orientation will play a part in how the design scheme is created to achieve the look you are going for, along with any potential limitations.  A client might have their heart set on a Coastal style in a room that faces South which doesn’t receive much light. Given these constraints, certain design strategies would need to be employed to achieve the best possible outcome.  

house of ours
Stunning example of Modern Scandinavian design style by @house_of_ours.  Light, bright and airy. White, grey, black, with warm and cosy textures like faux fur, wool and linen.  Indoor greenery brings the outdoors in.

Not everyone is sure of their design style and that’s okay.  My suggestion would be to  start collecting  images of spaces that inspire you.   It might include cutting out pictures found in magazines, browsing for images found on internet sites like Pinterest and Houzz, or even images of inspirational pieces of furniture, artwork, fabric swatches as well as soft furnishings.  You might even like to create a collage or vision board in the form of a scrap-book or in electronic version.  I encourage my client’s to try this before starting the brief. 

Next is to explore the colours that you like and ones that are an absolute ‘no no’. Would you like to see a majority of light tones within your design scheme, medium and dark tones only,  or perhaps a mix of very light and dark tones (see sample images below). This is important information in order to achieve a beautiful space that you can call your own.

15-grayscale-small-living-room-idea-homebnc (2)
Light to medium tonal Interior Scheme. Image Credit Homebnc

Medium to Dark Tonal Interior Scheme. Image Credit Room and Board

8193a18e2c9e9ecadd66aa664a26c8d7 cocolapinedesign
Example of High Contrast Tonal Interior Scheme. Image Credit via Coco Lapine Design

light-colours DULUX NZ
What Colours do you love? What are an absolue ‘no no’ for your design space? Image Credit: Courtesy of Dulux New Zealand

Let’s look at the following scenario.  Two clients on separate occasions explain to me that they are wanting a Coastal vibe that is light and airy. Think beachy tones of blues, greens, whites and beiges and timber tones, along with items such as driftwood, coral, shells and other natural textures.  Both homes face a Northerly aspect which works wonderfully for this style capturing sunlight the whole day.

By asking the right questions, I discover that my first client is drawn to a more relaxed modern coastal look, with more harmonising tones and minimal variance tonally in the schemes furniture, soft furnishings and finishes. They also prefer not to see a lot of the colour green. 

Client two, on the other hand, is drawn to Coastal Hamptons style, which features more classic and formal design features, curves, pinstripes and tonal contrast of light and dark in tones across finishes and soft furnishings.   

Both schemes are a Coastal design style, but the look and feel are different due to their personal style and lifestyle. Neither is ‘better’ than the other, it purely comes down to personal preference.  See two styled examples below.

It is quite common for the client to then ask me “so, what do you think?”. And my honest answer, is that it’s not about what I think.  Everyone’s style is different. I  offer my professional advice about colour, tonal value, and what generally is complimentary or clashing,  details on finishes, textures and styling considerations. Most importantly, my role is to ensure that I am asking the right questions to bring the client’s vision to life. To create design scheme that the client will fall in love with.  

What is your design style? If you have yours down pat, wonderful.  If you aren’t quite sure yet and would love to start considering the idea,  see below for some helpful tips to have you on your way to getting to nailing your style in no time at all.  Have fun!


What is the intended purpose for the space?

Think of the how you’d like to see the room functioning. Is it going to be a family living space with a study nook? Is it going to be a tranquil Master Bedroom retreat where you want to relax with a little reading nook by the window? Write it down.

Collect images of spaces that inspire you & create a collage in a scrapbook or electronic version

Can you see a general theme appearing about the look and feel of your chosen pictures? Here is some things to look for. Write it down

 – Are the pictures mostly light and airy, dark & moody, cosy and comfortable?

 – What colour are the wall and floor coverings? Are they mostly light, dark or a mix of light and dark?

 – What is the furniture style? Is it mainly made up of straight lines, basic shapes with minimal styling, or does it more classical furniture with curved edges or a mix of both?

 – Is the furniture and accessories made out of predominantly mainly shiny and smooth surfaces i.e glass, mirror, metallics, velvet, satin, polyurethane finishes or is it more natural and rustic with timber, rattan, cotton, linen, sisal and so on?

What colours do you like?  What colours don’t you like?

Do you tend to like more harmonising tones in the whole design with only subtle tonal differences? An example would be predominantly all white Scandinavian style room with white wash floors, white and very light tones of grey and wood for example. Or maybe you prefer high contrasting tones with big differences in light and dark throughout the scheme? Think about the whole space including walls, flooring, furnishings.  This process will help you to start getting to know your design style and mood you might like to see in your space. 


Below I have listed some general characteristics of popular design styles and sample images.  These are just some  examples. There is no right or wrong, it comes down to personal style and taste. Do you a style that resonates with you?     


Coastal style is all about a light, airy, beachy vibe. Colours, tones and textures echo the coastal environment. White, tones of sand and driftwood. Think natural tones and textures rattan, sisal, sea grass, shells, coral, waves, glass, rope, distressed timber.  

Coastal can be cosy and relaxed, classic and formal or even a Boho and Scandi mix. 


Modern is all about straight clean lines and angles, shiny reflective surfaces and smooth textures. Think leather, glass, mirrors, polyurethane finishes. The design space is generally quite minimal with little clutter.  


Industrial – Maybe it has an Industrial warehouse kind of feel with concrete floors, exposed  bricks, exposed pipes, metal lighting fixtures in black or steel, timber panelling. You often see rought and warm tones as well. Think warm tones in brickwork, faux brickwork, wall paper, leather furniture and cow hide.  


Scandinavian design style is light and airy often featuring all white walls, light timber tones in flooring or furniture, warm textures like sheepskin rugs, wool cushions, potted greenery.  This style generally features white as the dominant backdrop with accents of black, icy blues, greys, indoor greenery and modernised with blush tones or aqua.


Luxe style is opulent and glamorous. The design makes a statement. Think plush velvet, metallics, bold design, mirror, glass and antique style accessories. Furniture is a mix of sleek lines and classic curves.  Bold patterns can adorn the flooring finishes and soft furnishings. 

Photo and items courtesy of Café Lighting

Did you enjoy this article and would love to know more or have feedback? Great! Would love to help.  Feel free to ask me in the ‘Leave a Comment’ section at the end of this article  


Photocredit: @serenitylanestyling.   Stunning Downloadable Art prints by Salt and Printer

Decor trends seem to come and go so quickly these days, it can feel like an effort  keeping up with accessorising your home.   I have been asked on many occasions for advice on where to access affordable contemporary wall art, so I thought it would be a great idea to share my favourite downloadable art print brands with you.   

Don’t get me wrong, I am a massive fan of framed art prints and original artworks ,  however it is not always the most cost-effective solution paying a significant amount on one piece of wall art when there are several rooms to consider. 

What I love about digital downloadable art prints is there is a vast range of prints for the home including children’s rooms.  The digital prints are supplied in various paper sizes, which means that you have the option of utilising the same print for various decor displays.  It is a real plus if you are looking to have wall display of two large prints as a perfect pair, a smaller print to feature as part of a gallery wall display or to have sitting on a console or beside table.

Simply head off to your local copy print store, choose a frame and have fun styling your home with stunning wall art. What is even better is that the files are available to you as soon as you purchase them and it won’t break the budget if you decide to update your decor across the seasons. 

The print files are of excellent quality and look great framed.   I generally purchase my picture frames from stores such as Ikea, Officeworks and Spolight if you live in Australia.  I choose the perspex picture frames instead of glass as I find them much lighter for hanging. One point to note, however, is that the perspex does tend to scratch  easier than glass. 

Here are some of my favourite online digital art print stores below.  Head on over to  their sites and view their range of prints and customer testimonials. I have included for  photos for you where I have incorporated art prints into my styling.  I would love your feedback and feel free to share your top art prints or stores.  

Stay tuned as I will be sharing  my top picks for pre-printed wall art stores in the coming weeks.


Photocredit: Product images sourced from AlexWallPrint

I have purchased several grayscale Model Fashion and Perfume prints from AlexWallPrint store.  His store predominantly features, Model Prints, Black and White Animal Prints, Fashion, Beauty and Quote prints. They look so elegant and stylish  and each digital art print in various sizes is around the $9-10 Australian Dollars (AUD) price point.   Click on the link below to see more of Alex Wall Print’s online store. 

Store details: AlexWallPrint

P1040594 (2)
AlexWallPrint Dior Perfume art print creates a modern classic look. Photo and styling by @serenitylanestyling 

P1060978 (2)
Here I incorporated AlexWallPrint Coco Chanel and Kate Moss print to style a friend’s side table. Photocredit: @serenitylanestyling


Photocredit: Product images sourced from LilaxLola website

Etsy Store LilaxLola sell a range of contemporary digital wall art prints.  They advertise as the ‘home of the Peekaboo Animals’ and have been seen on “Oracle Fox, Love It or List It, Rebecca Judd Style School, Bed Bath and Beyond, Temple and Webster and The Home”.

There is a wonderful array of digital art prints under the categories  ‘Peekaboo Animals’, ‘Beach and Coastal’, ‘Minimalist and Geometric’, ‘Cacti and Desert’ and ‘Kids prints’. Their digital prints start from around $9.65 Australian Dollars and once purchased are provided as in various paper sizes.

LilaxLola now offer ‘Shipped Prints’ mostly in the Peekaboo Animals that can be purchased already printed. The ‘Shipped prints’ start from approximately $22 and are are delivered to Australia for a fee.

To check out more head on over to their online etsy store LilaxLola 

Follow on Instagram: @lilaxlola

Creating a Modern Coastal vibe with LilaxLola ‘Ocean Water’ Print. Photo and styling @serenitylanestyling

LilaxLola Black and White  ‘Palm Leaf’ Print. Photocredit @serenitylanestyling
lila and lola
LilaxLola ‘Botanical’ Art print. Photo and styling by @serenitylanestyling



Photocredit: Product images sourced from OnlyPrintableArts

Based in New York, OnlyPrintableArt’s business mission is to provide on trend art prints at affordable prices.  Their art prints focus on Modern art prints that are Scandi as well as ‘Nursery’ Room Art Prints.

OnlyPrintableArt offer some great ideas for gallery wall displays which is great and single art prints that will make a statement for sure!  Prices range between $7-$10 AUD dollars.  These also look fantastic framed and displayed above a console, side table and consoles, dining areas and bedrooms. 

Take a look at their online store today OnlyPrintableArts


Photocredit: Product images sourced from SaltandPrinter online store

Salt and Printer has some amazing Scandinavian style art prints. The store’s creators, a graphic designer and writer provide a stunning range of  predominantly Scandinavian, City Maps and Typography prints.  They also have some fab Tropical prints.

I adore their Scandi snow-covered mountain prints as well as the modern prints with a hint of blush and greenery.   Prints range from $8-$16AUD making them such fantastic value. Featured above is their ‘Horse Print’, ‘Palm Leaf’, ‘Minimalism’, and ‘Stockholm’ art prints.

Check out  SaltandPrinter online store.

Follow SaltandPrinter on Instagram:  @saltandprinter


Love these two art prints by Salt and Printer. Flying Birds Girl and Serene Forest Prints. Photo and styling by @serenitylanestyling


Mixing up Art prints with the Palm Leaf from LilaxLola and Coco Chanel AlexWallPrint




NICKEL.N.CO  –  Oversize Knit Woollen Throw ‘OATMEAL’ – Photo credit:

I’m always looking for wonderful products to share on Where Hygge Meets Home and NICKEL.N.CO is no exception. With this month’s focus on bedrooms and the cooler months approaching, I thought it was the perfect time to start looking at warm, cosy and natural textures…how hygge!

It was my pleasure interviewing the creator behind brand NICKEL.N.CO, whose handmade chunky knit throws and other products are so divine.  You may already be familiar with NICKEL.N.CO’s products being featured in the styled images of some wonderful Instagram brands, and rightly so. Thank you so much for taking the time to share more about your company with us today.

Could you start by sharing with us a little bit about NICKEL.N.CO?  

Hi, I am Nik, the Creative Director and maker behind NICKEL.NCO. Our products are all about beautiful natural textiles with a modern aesthetic on an exaggerated scale.  I create large chunky knitted throws that add a layer of luxury to your space. Our pieces are designed and handmade in our coastal knitting studio, 2.5 hours South of Perth in Dunsborough, Western Australia, within half hour drive from Margaret River Wine Region.

I love the attention to detail that was applied by the old school artisans , so I emulate that in our oversize knitting while giving it a slightly minimalist edge.  I particularly have a fondness for the skills and methods that seem to have been forgotten in this fast-paced world we live in.

Your attention to detail in each product is stunning.  Where did your creative passion begin that lead you to starting NICKEL.N.CO?

Growing up my family was very creative, so I’ve always had a love for creating. My Mum had a kiln in our backyard when we were little and we often accompanied her as she taught Pottery classes. We were always submersed in creative thinking and hobbies.  My Nan was a very good seamstress and I guess hearing about her sewing clothes for my Mum is perhaps was planted the “textile” seed for me to continue what was passed down to me.

My Gran on my Dad’s side was a fantastic cook, and I have inherited some of her gorgeous baking tins and a rolling-pin that my Dad made for her while he was a young boy.  I would have to say that cooking, specifically baking and desserts, is my other passion.

Your products are of such high quality materials . Can you tell us more about them?

All our pieces are made from natural textiles, Merino Wool, Cotton, Linen and Leather. Working with these different mediums allows us to explore different scales as they all knit up quite uniquely.  Our product range features Oversize Knit Woollen Throws, Knit Coasters, Cushions and Scarves in various colours.  We have also recently been commissioned to create a huge Knitted Wall Installation for a commercial space.

Our most popular product is definitely the Oversize Knit Woollen Throw. It is such a tactile versatile piece that nonchalantly draped over a sofa or bed instantly transforms a space and adds a level of luxury! 

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset
Stunning Texture and Detail: A sample of NICKEL.N.CO’s Oversize Knit Woollen Colour Range – Photo credit:

TROIS... IMG_5614 2
So stylish: NICKEL.N.CO Oversize Knit Woollen Throw ‘TROIS’ – Photo credit:

Who or What inspires you? 

To have started NICKEL.N.CO from a concept in my mind and to have expanded it to the point we are at today gives me inspiration that we can achieve the next stage of where I am wanting to take NICKEL.N.CO.

What have you learned along the way you’d like to share with others?

Owning a small business often means that you have to multi task on an insane level. Also, learning new concepts that help your business to grow and expand as well as doing enormous amounts of research to help equip you to propel your business.   It’s definitely challenging sometimes, although looking back on my personal and business growth, I am actually proud of what I have been able to achieve.

oversize knit cushions
NICKEL.N.CO Oversize Knit Cushions – Available in White, Grey Marle & Vintage Black. Photo credit:

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NICKEL.N.CO Oversize Knit Woollen Throw ‘VERT’ – Photo credit:

Other than starting  your business, what is your brand’s greatest achievement/s thus far and what other great things can we expect to see on the horizon? 

We have expanded our scope of projects/ products we make and are now working with Interior Architects, Interior Designers, Interior Stylists, and individual Clients to produce Custom Knitted Wall and Ceiling Installations.  Creating custom Knitted Wall Installations on a M A S S I V E scale is physically and creatively challenging.

I often find my self awake through the night thinking about the current project I am working on, mentally exploring the creative direction and developing the concept further.  I keep my journal on m bedside for scribbling notes for this exact purpose!

Working with Interior Architects, Interior Designers etc is so creatively inspiring. As a solo business operator, I am so satisfied when I receive a commission for a new project as I revel in the exposure that it brings to other creative minds.

How Snuggly by NICKEL.N.CO – Photo credit:

Thank you so much NICKEL.N.CO for sharing your products and story  with us today. In closing is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Yes! We would love to offer your readers a special discount of 30% off our Oversize Knitted Woollen Throws, perfectly timed for a gift for someone special or to snuggle with over the coming cooler weather!

Go to and use code “BIGKNITT” at checkout to receive the 30% off.


Wow, thank you so much NICKEL.N.CO. That is a generous offer.  For those who purchase a NICKLEL.N.CO throw, we love to see how you’ve styled them in your home!  Simply post your styled photo to #wherehyggemeetshome and I will feature them over the next months.  



Video Credit Courtesy of  Sheridan Australia


Photo credit: Stunning bedroom details by @avani_collective

It was such a pleasure interviewing Brooke Najjar from Avani Collective.  Her online store features stunningly simple and unique homewares that are on trend at affordable prices.   I was keen to find more from Brooke how it all began and what prompted her online business and Instagram account @avani_collective. 

Hi Brooke, thank you for this opportunity to learn more about your brand.  What prompted you to start your Instagram journey?

I first joined Instagram a couple of years ago to seek inspiration and tips for styling purposes. I got so excited that I decided to start taking photos of my own home. I began receiving emails and direct messages (DM’s) from small business owners asking if I would like to collaborate with them as a brand representative, by receiving products in exchange for beautifully styled photos. I really enjoyed doing this and it gave me an opportunity to test out their products ranging from candles to cushions and skin care.

What led you to start your online Business Avani Collective?  

I decided to undertake a ‘Styling Essentials’ course at the Coco Republic Design school in Alexandria, Sydney NSW.  I had so much fun and met some amazing people along the way. From there, Coco Republic hosted an awards night with the talented Neal Whittaker and Vogue living magazine.

To my surprise I received and award of runners-up as the Emerging Stylist of the Year. I was blown away to accept this amazing award. From there I was approached by Coco republic to join their property styling team and what a privilege it has been to style some amazing multi million dollar homes.

I would definitely say that the opportunity has meant so much to me as its been a dream of mine.  Coco Republic’s furnishings and accessories are stunning and for me to be able to select and style beautiful spaces is a wonderful opportunity.

In January 2018 I decided to start-up a small online decor store, stocking homewares and prints with a Scandinavian inspired theme. I’m a very “less is more” kinda gal so my products are based on simplicity and minimalism. I carefully sourced my products from beautiful curated stores. Some to name are Zakkia, Atolyia, Inartisan, Barkly Basics and Foto factory.

avani collective)
Photo credit: Brooke Najjar from @avani_collective

I’M A SCANDI INSPIRED ‘LESS IS MORE KINDA GAL’ AS WELL, GREAT.. What exciting things do you have planned for 2018 that you can share with us?  

I’m currently designing some gorgeous bed linen with a company overseas and cannot wait to share this with you all. My plans for the future would be to open up a bricks and mortar store and create and design my own home decor and linen. Simple, clean and crisp is what my brand will stand for.

How exciting thank you Brooke.  On a final note, do you have a some helpful styling advice to share with our readers?  

If I could give you a word of advice when it comes to styling, it would be to not over accessorise, make sure all surfaces are clean and your pillows and scatter cushions are fluffed up.

Thank you so much Brooke for sharing your business journey with us today. Can’t wait to see your bed linen when it’s released! Head on over and visit Avani Collective online store and Instagram Account today. Love it!  Feel free to leave a comment in this section or ask Brooke a question.


avani collective 2
Photo credit: Gorgeous styled room by Brooke from @avani_collective


‘Where Hygge Meets Home’:  Natural light, clean lines, muted tones, natural and cosy textures, simplicity.  Photo credit: @serenitylane.styling

Welcome to Interiors Blog ‘Where Hygge Meets Home’. I am so excited to be sharing my new blog site with you. You might be wondering how I chose the name? In short, I wanted to create a name was inline with my Instagram account, @serenitylane.styling.  Serenity Lane Styling is all about creating serene, cosy, simple and harmonious spaces for people to enjoy.

Much of my inspiration comes from the Nordic Design aesthetic which is based on maximising natural light, incorporating light muted tones with white being dominant, cosy natural textures, greenery, simple accents and clean lines.  Think of timber, linen, cotton, chunky knits, warm cosy textures,  blooms and candles.

After much brainstorming , it dawned on me there was a word that would encapsulate  my design aesthetic perfectly, and it was the Danish term, ‘Hygge’ pronounced “Hoo-guh”. While there is no direct translation to English, it is described as the experience or feeling of cosiness, serenity, simplicity harmony and togetherness.  Suddenly I had an ‘a-ha’ moment where my blog name was staring me in the face… Where Hygge Meets home!  


And there I had it “Where Hygge Meets Home!”

My desire to support local Instagram businesses is what prompted me to start Instagram feature articles in 2017.

This year, I realised there was so much more I could share with others.  From guest features to styling tips, latest trends in homewares, furniture and more. My hope for Where Hygge Meets Home is for it to become a ‘go-to’ blog for inspiration and great tips, as well as a space to become involved and to share with others. So without further ado, I introduce to you ‘Where Hygge Meets Home’.  


  • I look at the ADAIRS ‘Pink Edition’ article: Styling with Pink and how to choose the right pink to suit your design style,   

  • I get to share some fab Styling Tips videos from INSIDE OUT MAGAZINE: ‘How to Make the Perfect Bed’  &  How to Style One Bed Three Ways’ with Lisa Koehler 

  • Product Spotlight:  I catch up with the creators behind the stylish Soy Wax Candle range INOKO AUSTRALIA and Stylist Brooke Najjar from  AVANI COLLECTIVE 

  • You will see the Adairs Latest Autumn Sale Offer with more to come…  

  • Coming up shortly ….My top tips on how to style your bedsides and more.. stay tuned.. HAPPY SCROLLING

If there is a topic you would like to have covered, or product you would love to have featured here, simply contact me via the contact page or comment in the blog section.   

I would like ‘Where Hygge Meets Home’ site to be as interactive as possible, so if you enjoyed reading the content featured, please let me know. Amazing things can happen when it’s achieved and shared together….

Happy exploring ..

Much love, Kim xx


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Inoko Candle Vessel Range         Photo Credit: Inoko Australia

I recently had the privilege of teaming up with Inoko Australia to style and promote their stunning range of Soy Candle vessels and refills.  I  thought it would be a great opportunity to interview Inoko the brand and find out more about the creators of their amazing products.   So versatile, Inoko’s stunning candle and vessel range are sure to look stunning in any space.  

Hello and thank you for sharing your brand with us.  We’d love to know more about the creators behind Inoko Australia, how did it all start?    

Sydneysiders Liz and Jen, both friends and business partners are the founders behind Inoko. Their love for candles began in the kitchen cooking in their thermomixes. They had been operating their business for a number of years before deciding to re-brand and re-launch Inoko in September 2016. So far, the response has exceeded their expectations with over 150 distinctive stockists Australian-wide and the desire to grow into the international market also.

What is the inspiration behind Inoko products?

The innovative concept behind Inoko was refillable candles and diffusers. Liz and Jen saw this as a ‘niche’ and untouched area in the candle market, so moved quickly and were the first to fill this hole. The idea behind the ‘refill’ concept was that once your candle/diffuser ran out (or if you simply felt like changing the fragrance at any time), it could easily be replaced with a new refill whilst keeping your beautiful vessel.

Inoko was recently awarded the winner of GALA Awards under the Body, Bath & Fragrance category at the Sydney Life InStyle Trade Show. Inoko products have  featured on The Block for the last three seasons including other media features both online and in print. Inoko is being well-received not only by the homewares and home fragrance arena, but also property styling, interior design, real estate, event styling, floristry and beauty community.

Your vessels are so unique and made from the finest of materials. Could you share with us more about them?

Inoko vessels are made from Italian Carrara marble, natural Beech timber, Urban Concrete and are available in three ranges. The candles and diffusers are hand-poured in their Sydney warehouse and come in fourteen different scents to appeal to a wide variety of moods and tastes.

Inoko prides itself on being an environmentally friendly and sustainable business. They are Australian made and the candles are made from all natural soy wax which burns longer and cleaner. The wicks are led-free and candle refills are made from recyclable aluminium. The diffuser bottles and packaging are also made from recyclable PET.

Large_Timber (2)
Beech Timber Vessel by Inoko Photo credit: @serenitylane.styling

Serenity_Styling_Feb2018 (2)
Carrara Marble Vessel by Inoko Photocredit: @serenitylane.styling

Being a rapidly growing business, Jen and Liz are excited for what the future of the company holds. They are increasing their employees and resources to keep up with the high demand.  Jen and Liz understand the importance of staying on-trend and keeping one step ahead of what is happening in the candle market. Looking to the future, Inoko has some exciting new projects on the horizon and can’t wait to share this news shortly.

Thank you so much Inoko for sharing your success story with us. Can’t wait to see what’s on the horizon.


Simply enter the code SERENITY20 at Inoko Australia’s checkout to receive 20% OFF all products across their website! 

It is only available while stocks last, so get your orders in fast! Head on over to their website below for details.

To keep up to date with Inoko, follow us:

Instagram: @inokoaustralia ||    Facebook: Inoko Australia

MDay (2)
Inoko’s Limited Edition Gift Box and Fragrance ‘Parisian Blush’ for Mother’s Day



Video Credit:  Inside Out Magazine